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We are proud to carry and service hearing aids from the leaders in modern hearing technology:

The specific brand and style of hearing device that is best for you will depend on your type of hearing loss, lifestyle concerns, and more. Our Ocala, Florida, location carries all shapes and sizes of devices to suit your needs, from the behind-the-ear models to the nearly invisible completely-in-the-canal hearing aids. Most devices come with a no-risk free trial!

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We are vigilant about furthering our education and skills regarding advancements in audiology and hearing aids.

Featured Technology

The latest technology from most manufacturers allows you to connect to your smart phone or TV for direct hearing without an intermediary device.

Hearing from the telephone in both ears is an unparalleled phone experience, resulting in an easier and clearer conversation. You can even use a hearing aid app that allows you to make discreet, fine tuning adjustments to the volume and sound quality.

Made for iPhone hearing technology Starkey Halo

In addition, noise reduction—always on the top of every patient's wish list—is now more effective than ever.

Video Gallery

Learn more about today's hearing devices via the following videos:

Widex Beyond The Oticon OpnTM ReSound LiNX2 User Experience Signia primax explained Brain HearingTM Technology Widex Unique

Follow-Up Care

Ongoing follow-up care is essential to success with hearing aids. Most patients are seen several times during a 75-day trial period to ensure confidence in the value of their investment. Following that, our patients are generally seen every four months in their first year and then at four-to-six month intervals for maintenance in the following years. Most hearing aids come with a three-year manufacturer's warranty for repair. In addition, we provide all of our hearing aid services free of charge during that time.

The EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty

Hearing aids are an investment that should be protected. That's why all EarQ hearing aids come with the best hearing technology warranty around, the Secure Warranty, which protects your devices for four years—at no cost to you. Ask us about the warranty during your appointment!

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