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  • Pediatric FAQ

    How Is Hearing Tested In Newborns?
    Before your child leaves the hospital, they’re given an otoacoustic emissions (OAE) test. When sleeping, an earphone and microphone are placed in the ear, sounds are played, and their response is measured. If the newborn does not have a hearing impairment, an echo is reflected back into the ear canal being measured by the microphone. When a baby does have a hearing loss, no echo can be measured on the OAE test. This test is generally administered twice. Please see our section about child hearing loss for more information on hearing impairment and preventive measures for all ages.

  • Hearing Tests

    How Long Does a Hearing Test Take?
    Approximately 20 minutes.

  • Facts About Hearing Loss

    How Often Should I Get My Hearing Tested?
    This depends on lifestyle as well as age. Typically, we recommend an annual hearing test, whether there are signs of hearing loss or not, particularly if you are exposed to noise consistently through work or play. If you are exhibiting signs and symptoms of hearing loss, please call today to schedule an appointment. Signs include but are not limited to:

    • Feeling that people mumble
    • Having to turn up the volume on television, telephone, or personal listening devices
    • Trouble following conversations in busy venues (concerts, restaurants)

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