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The best part of our career is having our patients come back with their success stories and what hearing better means to them. We are honored by the confidence our patients have shown in trusting us with their hearing needs.

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“Pat is very thorough in explaining & showing how to use new technology.”

"I have been a hearing aid user for more than 8 years with Professional Speech and Hearing Specialists. For the last two weeks I have ben wearing your Oticon More aids. I want to express my thanks and let you know how they have changed my life.

Certainly, the Oticon aids I have used before have given me improved hearing and my wife's and my life easier. But, with these new Oticon More aids, my hearing has improved a minimum of 30 to 40%. How?

  1. Construction began on the back of our house to install a screened patio. I was in the family room and heard clearly the tools used to secure the screen to the concrete. It was as if I was with the crew on the porch securing the screen; I could hear them all with crystal clarity.
  2. My Oticon More has eliminated the background noise that was so distracting when trying to join in with a normal conversation with friends. The aid seemingly adjusts to the environment that is around me and makes it easier for me to hear in a crowd. What a wonderful gift!
  3. My TV watching has improved especially with the movies with a lot of background music that seems to cover the actor's words. Now if I choose, I can even watch TV without streaming via Bluetooth.
  4. Lastly my wife has noticed the improvement in my hearing and that is an improvement to any relationship during this pandemic time we are experiencing. Often, she is surprised that I heard what she has said whereas before she would have to repeat her comments. She is happy and of course so am I.

I do not often write reviews or comment to the companies of products I buy or use. But this is an exception. Your company has produced a superior product for the hearing impaired.

I thank my Clinical Audiologist, Patricia Taft, for introducing me to the Oticon More. And again, send my sincerest appreciation to the Oticon More personnel for their dedication to making tremendous improvements to help the hearing-impaired world.”

"Dr. Rehse, Your adjustment of the Widex hearing aids is very good. I can now make out all the words on television shows and can discern what people say behind their Covid masks. It feels great to be real again.”

"Danielle and Dawn make this one of my favorite appointments. They are so professional and friendly that I'm completely at ease.”

"All metrics have been superior, excellent, five out of five star. Dr. Rosier has taken splendid care of me through testing, counseling, selection of product, and then most importantly, multiple stages of making adjustments to optimize my hearing aids. It seems we've now got them dialed in exceedingly well and my hearing is restored to 100% and natural to the greatest extent achievable. Thank you all, and happy holidays.”

"I am sorry to move as I will miss the excellent service provided by Danielle, Dawn, and Patti. My needs were always met even in challenging times. Danielle is the best audiologist I have had in over 30 years of wearing hearing aids.”

"I have been a patient at Professional Speech and Hearing for 10+ years and am now on my third set of hearing aids. Needless to say, the services I have received have been exemplary and I am pleased to recommend Tabitha McCallum to everyone! She's absolutely terrific.”

"I'm 75 and have dealt with a lot of people. Ms Tabitha is a 5-Star at least! I truly respect and appreciate her.”

"I have been living in an assisted living facility for over 2 years and have wonderful service from my hearing aids and specialist. I would not be here without this help.”

“I was one of those individuals that firmly believed I would never wear a hearing aid. It was hard for me to admit my (obvious) hearing loss and the impact of it. In a professional and caring manner, Ms. Taft persuaded me to try a hearing aid. I have been very surprised that it has been such a great benefit. I am very thankful for her care, concern and assistance.”

"I used to think that I was a happy deaf person. I lost my hearing over a long period of time, and didn’t notice that the only people suffering were my family members. I had the volume on the TV so high they could not enjoy watching it with me. Conversations with me asking, “What did you say?” were the norm. My wife finally convinced me to have my hearing checked. Ms. Taft tested my hearing and helped me select the best solution for my particular hearing needs. Her professional treatment and knowledge of hearing loss solutions gave me the confidence to give hearing aids a chance. Since being fitted and having my hearing aids programmed to my specific loss, I am amazed at what I have been missing. I am now a much happier hearing person. Now my wife asks me to turn up the TV. Ms. Taft also assisted me with my TV, home telephone, cellphone, and remote adjustment of my hearing aids for different hearing situations (like the movie theatre and restaurants.) The commitment of Ms. Taft and her office staff to my hearing needs has truly improved my life. Thank all of you.”

"Danielle Rosier performed my hearing test and she was extraordinary! She is caring, concerned, friendly, and compassionate. She listens to you and doesn't rush the appointment. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating; it is a pleasure coming to the office.

My mother, Mary, has been coming to her with an extreme hearing problem since last year, and Danielle has helped her more than anyone we had seen previously. Mother is 92 years old and not easy to please, but Danielle has helped her to feel very comfortable.

Our family doctor, Dr. Brown, speaks very highly of you. We consider ourselves so fortunate for finding Professional Speech & Hearing Specialists. Thank you!”

"From beginning to end of my time with Tabitha, I found her to be very helpful in explaining exactly what was wrong with my left aide, what she could do for me, how long it would take, and the cost. Every facet of my time was well spent, and I came away knowing that I was in very good hands, that she and the company she represents are professionals, care about their clients, and have the clients\' needs topmost in their minds. I will most surely want her to be my go-to person for any problems or needs with my hearing. ”

“I was one of those individuals that firmly believed I would never wear a hearing aid. It was hard for me to admit my (obvious) hearing loss and the impact of it. In a professional and caring manner, Ms. Taft persuaded me to try a hearing aid. I have been very surprised that it has been such a great benefit. I am very thankful for her care, concern and assistance.”

“Pat Taft and her staff at Professional Speech and Hearing, to put it simply, blew my socks off!”

“I would like to give a huge shout out to Professional Speech and Hearing Specialists for their professional and courteous customer service.”

“Pat Taft has taken care of my family members for about 15 years with excellent service, kindness, compassion, and an intuitive understanding of how to work with the very elderly.”

“My husband and I are extremely happy with Clinical Audiologist Tabatha McCallum. Thank you Tabatha,For all of your help! You're the best!”

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