We’ve Looped Ocala Civic Theatre. You’ll Be Amazed!

Ocala Civic Theatre has added a hearing loop, which is the newest system that sends the voices of the performers from their microphones directly into a hearing aid or cochlear implant. The system provides the clearest, cleanest sound imaginable and does not require a headset, as it works with the t-coil, or telecoil, that most hearing aids come equipped with. The system is available from all theater seats.

A t-coil is a tiny wireless receiver inside hearing aids, and it is accessible via the programming button or switch on your aid. If you have never used your t-coil, it is recommended that you consult your audiologist to confirm it has been activated and to learn how to access it. If you cannot access your t-coil or do not have hearing aids, please ask the usher for an FM receiver, which you can use to increase the volume. You will be amazed at how much more you can hear and understand, given the clarity of sound!

If you have more questions about hearing loops or t-coils, please contact the donors, Professinoal Speech & Hearing Specialists, at 352.269.4773.